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ReadNotify Site Map

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About ReadNotify

  • What is ReadNotify describes all the things we do on one brief page.

  • Try it now - for free! lets you sign up free of charge for our no-obligation trial

  • F.A.Q. regularly updated list of Frequently Asked Questions from our users. Look here for answers to most questions you might have. (email us if you don't find what you're looking for)

  • Site Map This web page you're reading now!

  • Digital Certificates Go here to view, verify, or learn about digital certificates, proof-of-opening, proof-of-posting, and proof-of-reading.

  • Using Certified Email in Court, This page contains detailed instructions on how to use a ReadNotify Certified Email and/or proof-of-opening certificate in Court.

  • Email Notary Service, Information about ReadNotify Email Notarization and comparison with other services.

  • Welcome Here is our welcome letter, which we show after you've signed up

  • Terms & Conditions These are the terms and conditions you must abide by when using ReadNotify

  • Privacy Statement We strictly forbid junk-mail and spamming and always protect your personal information - here are the details

  • Contact Us How to reach ReadNotify departments around the world.

  • Language This web site automatically senses your language and displays in your native language. You can override this and select a different specific language here.

Business Solutions

  • How we can help you Learn about how email tracking, certification, and security and document tracking can improve your business and save you money

  • Affiliate Program Earn money from promoting us or linking to our site

  • Become a Reseller Run your own email tracking website using our advanced technology

  • Channel partnerships Add value to your own services by letting your customers track their email!

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