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ReadNotify Signature Verification  

ReadNotify Digital Certificate Signature Display & Verification

Viewing the next or previous issued signature helps you establish that that the date and time within your original certificate are correct. Remember - many copies of each certificate (including the ones before and after yours) are distributed to many different people and places around the world. Every one of these people and places is capable of verifying and authenticating the true date and time on their own certificates, which locks your own certificate down to one particular moment in time (because all certificates contain a serial number)   This prevents date and time forgery.

Note: The ReadNotify Digital Signature serial number #9065 was not, or has not yet been issued.

­All ReadNotify Digital Signatures are publicly viewable.Here is the previous or next signature you requested; serial number #9065  
Click to verify when this signature was made, and by whom.
See below for instructions how to verify the certificate to which this signature was attached.

­ Click here to view signature #9064, which was the most recently issued signature prior to #9065,
or click here to view signature #9066, which was (or will be) the next signature issued afterwards.

The following information is available on this page:-

­ You can look up any other ReadNotify Digital Signature. Enter the serial number here:-
You can verify any ReadNotify Digital Signature. Enter the serial number here:-

­ All our signatures are themselves signed to produce our digest-signatures, which are then subjected to third-party time verification and simultaneously published on the internet on thousands of independent servers. To view your closest servers' copy of our most recently published digest-signatures, click news from the following list, or to view the published group messages on the associated Google(tm) news archive, click Google: (news, Google), (news, Google), (news, Google), gov.usenet.test (news, Google), (news, Google), chi.mail (news, Google).   Click here, here, or here to view lists of other servers that also carry our digest-signatures.

­ The ReadNotify public key for signature verification can be downloaded from us here, or retrieved from a number of worldwide keyservers, including:-,,, or you can go to to select a different keyserver from a list - search using our KEY ID shown below.

Here is our key ID and Fingerprint:
pub  720R/1D8ADDED 2001-07-07 ReadNotify TimeStamper
Key fingerprint = 72 72 F5 EA A9 03 19 B5  74 E0 A6 20 4A 02 2D FB
Key ID:

­Here is our actual public key: