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ReadNotify Subscription

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ReadNotify Feature
1. Records when email you send gets opened & read. Y Y Y
2. Shows how long your email gets read for. Y Y Y
3. Tells if your email was forwarded and sometimes who it was forwarded to. Y Y Y
4. Live, easy-to-understand, self-updating read-notifications via email and web. Includes full tracking history and automatic integration into your existing email program. Y Y Y
5. Date and time of each opening, and re-opening by all recipients. Y Y Y
6. Separate breakdown of activity for each reader (including people your email was forwarded to) Y Y Y
7. Recipients' IP addresses and ports and name of their ISP if known. Y Y Y
8. Approximate physical location (town+city+country) of the recipient (or their ISP) Y Y Y
9. Whether or not your email was printed or saved. Y Y Y
10. Open time (Approximate number of seconds they spent reading your email) Y Y Y
11. URLs Clicked (if you sent them any web links, we list the date and time and each URL they clicked on) Y Y Y
12. List of languages the recipient understands. Y Y Y
13. Browser and/or email software used by the recipient. Y Y Y
14. List of file-types the recipients' browser can read (eg: MS-Word documents etc) Y Y Y
15. Referrer information (tells if they access their email via the Web) Y Y Y
16. Manual confirmation (the date and time that the reader manually acknowledged reading the email) Y Y Y
17. Other things the user did with your email (eg: switched to a different window while reading it, tried to re-open an already self-destructed email, and (very rare but occasionally) warnings if they delete it without reading.) Y Y Y
18. Quick-reference shortcuts - all your information is clearly laid out together with quick access to time and map conversion utilities, popup data explanations, elapsed durations, and everything you need right when you want it. Y Y Y
19. Overall summaries of all the above Y Y Y
20. Certified Proof of posting - irrefutable digitally signed certificates which you can use to prove that \nyou sent what you did, and exactly when (including court-of-law usage instructions). Y Y Y
21. Certified Proof of email rendering (that the email was shown) - digitally signed read-notifications that prove exactly when your email was opened. Y Y Y
22. DSN enabling, lets you know that your email was delivered properly, right after you click "send". Y Y Y
23. MDN enabling, prompts your recipient to manually acknowledge that they read your email. Y Y Y
24. ICQ and other instant-messenger (MSN/Yahoo/AOL+AIM/Jabber/IRC/etc) read-notifications to tell you the instant your email is first opened. Y Y Y
25. Your own "Personal Tracking Page" page on our website holding complete tracking history of your emails for you to refer to at any time. Y Y Y
26. Advanced "Personal Tracking Page" features, including selectable columns, folders, sorting and filtering Y Y No
27. Microsoft Document tracking - find out when/where your Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other documents get opened, and whether they were given to someone else. Y Y No
28. Free Email plugin downloads giving one-click access to ReadNotify tracking features from within your existing email program. Y Y Y
29. Optional Indefinite tracking (no time limit to how long your tracking lasts for) Y Y Y
30. May be possible to receive instant Read-Notifications by Pager or SMS on your cell phone. Y Y No
31. Self-Destructing emails provide good protection for your email, helping prevent it from being forwarded, printed, copied or saved anywhere. Y Y No
32. Ensured-Receipt emails prevent any possibility of your email being opened without you receiving a Read-Notification, in an unobtrusive and compatible reader format. Y Y No
33. Retractable email - You can delete Ensured-Receipt and Self-Destructing emails after you have sent them, before your reader opens it. Y Y No
34. Multiple subsequent notifications (eg: get a second/third etc receipt when emails get forwarded or re-opened or both) Y Y No
35. Advanced reporting - Spreadsheet, Database, or XML summary and/or detailed report downloads of your tracked emails Y Y No
36. Priority access to new features: The ReadNotify site evolves each day, and new features are regularly added. Upcoming new features include: New browser plugin, updated Outlook and SMTP plugins, Sender & Recipient authentication, Policy-based emailling, S/Mime certificates, advanced delivery tracking, and much more. Y Y No
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